RÉGIONALE D’ÉLEVAGE de Javené : Sowilo a fait meilleur champion femelle bringé !!!

to the farm

Looking for a great four-legged friend?
Then you’ve come to the right place!
On this site, you’ll discover a super dog
not to say ‘the best dog in the world’.


‘Quality and animal welfare,
before quantity.’


Here, ‘quality’ means selecting parents based on pedigree, but also on genetic and non-genetic diseases known to affect boxers (hips, heart, back and kidneys), and complying with the breed standard as far as possible.

My breeding stock is screened before being put to stud!
I only produce puppies that are LOF registered (provisional).

Quality also means providing support, advice and lifelong care for your future companion.

Quality also means being able to refuse ‘the fashion of the moment’ or a response to a request (from adopters) in terms of morphology or character.

My only guide is the official breed standard!

Animal welfare

Well-being‘ means respecting all the dogs’ physiological and behavioural needs.
My dogs are an integral part of my daily life (the puppies will get the same treatment).

They have the whole house as a ‘kennel’, regular walks and even camping holidays!

I undertake to breed my female dog only if all the conditions are met
(health, health screening carried out with good results, mental and physical maturity).

I also make it a point of honor to provide them with quality food, and I’m very selective about the kibbles or BARF that I give them.

‘Let your food be your first medicine’ Hippocrates

The quantity

When I say ‘quantity’, I mean the number of dogs in the house.
I’ve set myself a limit of 3 adult dogs maximum.
You’ll understand that the more dogs I have, the less time I can spend with each of them.
I want to be able to take my boxers everywhere and not be stuck at home.
On the other hand, the number of births per year will be reduced to a maximum of 2 litters per year (for 2 females).

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