About me

My name is Justine and I live in Normandy, more specifically in Calvados.

I’ve been a Boxer fanatic ever since I was doing a BEPA (vocational diploma) in canine and feline breeding on a sandwich course.

On Wednesdays, I used to do dog training as an activity, and I had a boxer as a ‘pupil’.

His name was Brasko, and he was a wonderful dog, very calm and gentle.
I had him with me for the whole of my BEPA year, and a bond developed between us.

I realised that this breed had caught my eye.

Iz, my first boxer

A few years after discovering my passion for this breed, I decided to take the plunge and get my own boxer.
In 2013, IZ, a light brindle male with white markings, came to live with me.
It's a boxer that comes from a private home and unfortunately, after various examinations, it turns out to be dysplastic stage E (severe), His back is twisted and so is his pelvis.
IZ suffers from a rare congenital malformation in boxers.
He suffers from degenerative microphthalmia, which results in eyeballs that are smaller than average, cataracts, deformed and immobile pupils and poor eyesight.(in his case, he's almost blind).

Massaï, the world of LOF

After what I experienced with Iz, I wanted to put all the chances on my side by taking on a LOF boxer from a serious kennel..
Then you'll understand why there are so many articles on my website about the health of our boxers and my experiences with natural remedies.
I've become uncompromising about the health of the dogs I produce!

After taking a year to choose the kennel where I would take my dog, I decided on the Chemin Des Bringés kennel, which seemed serious.
In fact, I found a great deal of professionalism, respect for the dogs and, above all, real enthusiasts! Adult dogs who are well in mind and body, with screening tests carried out.
I quickly fell in love with the little single-coloured brindle baby on a copper-red background, who will be called Massaï. With him and the precious help of Alain, his breeder, I discovered the world of dog shows, the good things and the not so good.

My vision of breeding

What is breeding?

Dog breeding is the agricultural activity of breeding the species Canis lupus familiaris or dog with a view to producing and marketing puppies.

Dog breeding must be carried out with pedigree dogs in order to be LOF registered….’


From my point of view…

… and that of a good number of breeders, is above all to promote and improve the breed, both physically and in terms of behaviour and health, while respecting the breed standard as faithfully as possible.

The standard, the cradle of the breed

My aim is to respect the standard as much as possible and to counter the appearance of certain deviations in the boxer.
Boxers are sometimes too small or too big for their sex, with bodies that are not very bony (increasingly light), and heads/skulls that are losing a lot of substance, such as muzzles that are too long (Great Dane type) and muzzles that are not full (lack of width).


The boxer is a ‘Dogue’ and must have the appropriate build without being too heavy either. I don’t want to breed hypertypes (too short a muzzle like a bulldog), or very heavy dogs.


In France we don’t have many boxers that meet the ‘basic standard’, so you have to go abroad to find them, and that’s what I intend to do, as far as possible: go back to the sources of the standard.


If I’m embarking on this great adventure, it’s because I believe (without pretension) that I can make a contribution to this magnificent breed.


I want to produce dogs that are as healthy as possible, taking care to have my breeding stock screened and to choose stallions that have also been screened (for diseases common to the boxer) before breeding.

Otherwise, they won’t breed…. Working on character is just as important, and will be taken into account when choosing the male and female.

The birth of the breed

The bullenbeisser

A large, bony, rather stocky dog with a generally molossian appearance.

English Bulldog

Medium-sized dog, less compact and fairly tall, with a shorter muzzle than the bullenbeisser.

The first Boxer

Smaller than the Bullenbeisser, also a little lighter in the bone (one can imagine the influence of the English Bulldog).

My course of action

The Facebook groups I manage

Boxer LOF de France : Proposition de Saillie

This group is designed for anyone with a LOF and tracked stallion (heart and hip), to post an advert for the latter and for people looking for a stallion in France.

Please note: owners of LOF and tracked stallions often refuse to cover a non-LOF bitch!

Délégation AFB Île-de-France

Alain is the breed club delegate for Ile de France, so I help him manage this group.
This group contains all the photos and events from the Ile-de-France region.

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My dog training courses

1*Élevage canin de grande envergure + de 100 chiens (Multi race de petits chiens)
2*Élevage de Terre-Neuve ET DE COCKER AMÉRICAIN
- Formation TAV (Transport Animaux Vivants)
- Formation premiers secours animaliers
- Formation prévention morsure.

Inscription au réseau NEOCARE
- Évolution de la législation en élevage (SCC et Royal Canin)
- Programme de dépistage de la Sténose Aortique et autres cardiopathies chez le Boxer. (Constat et bilan).
(Organisé par l'AFB et tenu par le Professeur Valérie CHETBOUL.)

*Page translated by Deepl

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