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The world of dogs

Fédération Cynologique Internationale

Association that manages ‘the world of the pedigree dog’ internationally.
Located above the SCC

Société Centrale Canine

SCC - Société Centrale Canine Association that manages everything to do with dog sports in France (to put it very simply)

Association Française du Boxer

Breed Club

Recommended breeders

Du Chemin des Bringés

Breeding by my friend and mentor. It is thanks to him that I am where I am today.Always good advice and always in the interest of the boxer.

Deamon Style

A friend's kennel that produces American Staffordshire Terriers. It is a passionate breeding with dogs and pups well in their head.

Des Astres De Sainte Noé

Breeding of a friend who produces Boxer. This is a large-scale, passionate family kennel.

Your dog's diet

1st association, in France - on BARF feeding for domestic carnivores


When it comes to raw homemade nutrition, there are always new things to learn to improve your dog’s meals.

You also need to see what other countries are doing when it comes to dog nutrition, which is why I highly recommend that you follow this site as well as their facebook group. They are both run by dog food professionals.


I was able to perfect my knowledge thanks to their ‘autumn courses’, which are available free of charge on their website.

Health and accessories for dogs

Manon Belliard is an animal osteopath. She follows the dogs at the kennel. She's very kind, gentle and a good listener. I highly recommend her!

Personalization of
clothing, objects
accessories, stickers, flocking, sublimation.

Production with your logo, drawing or photo on multiple media (T-shirts, stickers, mugs, puzzles, etc.)

as well as articles for children and dog accessories…

logo refait

Embroidery, cutting and engraving
on wood and Plexiglas.

Wood engraving :

‘You also have the option of ordering engraved and laser-cut products on wood or Plexiglas.’

The birth kit

Compose your own kit.
100% customisable!

Embroidery and stickers

Based on your photos, logos or drawings.

*These designs are kept for your orders and cannot be embroidered for other customers.

I also offer breeder kits. Please contact me for a quote.

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